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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at Bristol Cathedral


In the carpenter Lanfert’s yard Bruin is enticed by Reynard with the promise of honey in a cleft in an oak held

open by a wedge,and is caught when the wedge is removed, and is then attacked by Lanfert and his friends.

Both Supporters are inverted flowers.


Tybert attacks the priest after being caught.  Reynard watches.  Dame Duloc holds a broom to beat Tybert.

Left Supporter - Face in flower

Right Supporter -  Recumbent  face in flower


Reynard is being led to the gallows before noble the lion and his queen. Reynard escapes by flattering Noble.

Tybert climbs the gallows to make a knot; Bruin watches Reynard in case of escape. Isegrym the wolf gives

advice.. A bird, a rabbit and another animal are shown.

Left Supporter - Head in a flat cap on flower.

Right Supporter - Ape playing {pipe} [with man’s penis] on flower


Pedlar lying asleep while apes rifle his pack.

Both Supporters - Pendant flowers


Fox preaching to geese

Left Supporter - Flower

Right Supporter - Flower with a fox emerging


Pig about to be killed, held on a bench by tow men. Under the bench are 2 rabbits, one looking out of its hole,

and the other disappearing into it.

Both Supporters - Rosette with face in centre.


Stag, shot in the flank by an arrow, looks round while a hunter and dog approach.

Left Supporter - Flower; a dog emerging.

Right Supporter - Flower.


Ape riding a horse, with a half-filled sack for saddle, followed by a nude man holding the horse’s tail and

waving a stick. Below, rabbits in burrow.

Both Supporters - Flower.


Fox being hanged by geese.

Left Supporter - Rosette having in centre a woman’s head.

Right Supporter - Rosette having in centre a bearded man’s head.


Spray of conventional foliage.

Both Supporters - Flower


Mermaid holding up her hands palms upward, behind a human-headed creature with wings and claws, who

is holding her tail, and a wyvern.

Left Supporter - Hooded head in a flower.

Right Supporter - Ape with flask in flower


Adam and Eve [holding apple] and a human-headed serpent.

Both Supporters - Large rosette.


Samson holding the lion’s jaws, a second lion in the background Below, left a rabbit looks out of its hole.

Left Supporter - Woman in gown and wimple, holding her head bent to one side.

Right Supporter - Man with long hair and beard, wearing full robe and flat cap.


Two nude men wrestling, grasping each other by a neck-band; a third, also wearing a loose neck band, stands with his head on

the shoulder of one combatant and points at his leg.

Left Supporter - Flower with nude man.

Right Supporter - Flower with fox.


Mounted woman bringing a sack or corn to a post-mill.

Left Supporter - Head with curly hair on flower.

Right Supporter - Bearded man with cap and liripipe on flower.


Man riding face to tail on a horse, another man at his side

Left Supporter - Bearded head in cap on flower.

Right Supporter - Boar on flower


Tybert the cat, Dame Dulok, and the priest, who, leaping from bed to catch the raider, is clawed by the cat.

On the right Reynard watches from a bush.

Left Supporter - Rosette with head in centre, with protruding tongue.

Right Supporter - Rosette with head in centre.


Woman seated at a lectern on which is a book. In right background a building.

Both Supporters - Large rosette


A large slug beneath a tree, with corded pack on its back, being led on a leash by a man, while another man

raises a double-thonged whip.

 Both Supporters - Pendant flower.


Man, with along sword fights a long-tailed beast with sword and round shield, whilst on left another beast

holds a shield and watches.

Left Supporter - Flower with beast crouching.

Right Supporter - Flower


Dragon with second head in its belly driving three nude figures.

Left Supporter - Flower with large head in hood with protruding tongue.

Right Supporter - Ape with lute.


A devil in the jaws in Hell receives a nude woman leading four leashed apes.

Left Supporter - Flower; a small animal emerging.

Right Supporter - Flower.


Bear-baiting. Muzzled, tethered bear approached from each direction by man with wheelbarrow and dogs.

Both Supporters - Rosette having in centre a lion’s mask with protruding tongue.


Two bears dance to a drum beaten by an ape.{ When they learn Reynard is to be hanged Isegrin the wolf

and Bruin the [muzzled] bear dance for joy.}

Both Supporters - Flower.


Woman throwing a bowl at a man who lifts the lid of her cooking pot.

Both Supporters Double rose.


Man holding a long fork [broken] and riding a sow meets a woman holding a broom and riding a bird [goose].

Behind her is another broom.

Both Supporters - Bearded head in flower.


Two nude figures sitting cross-legged tailor-wise on a bench facing each other [the arms of one are missing];

under the bench is a small bush.

Both Supporters - Flower.


Man, mounted on a boar, tilting with a pole at a large, full sack held by a large dog-like beast.

Left Supporter - Flower with large head in loose cap.

Right Supporter - Flower with triple head under one cap or hood.



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