medieval misericords misericord misericorde misericordes Miserere Misereres choir stalls
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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at Worcester Cathedral

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Worcester Cathedral photo page


Pelican in her piety. 19th Century

Supporters - Oak-leaves and acorns.


Dragon devouring a man in a girdled tunic, the head has been swallowed. {Judas in the Jaws of Satan} 19th Century

Supporters - Hound gorged.


Headless robed figure under a canopy.

Supporters - Double eagle.



Supporters - Basilisk.


Stag couchant under a tree.

Left Supporter -  Missing.

Right Supporter - Round design of leaves.


Woman with distaff and a man digging Possibly a reference to “when Adam delved and Eve span”

Left Supporter - Man, with grotesque head, and the legs and feet of a quadruped, wings of a  bird and head and neck of swan.

Right Supporter - Woman, with grotesque head, and the legs and feet of a quadruped, wings of a  bird and head and neck

of swan.


The Clever Daughter. A woman nude, except for a large meshed net draped around her, riding a goat and carrying a

rabbit under her arm.

Supporters - Floral mask.



Supporters - Weasel glancing inwards, holding a sprig of rue, which gives it immunity from the basilisk’s deadly glance.


Lion with the head of a woman, wearing a square cap.

Supporters - Dove preening.


Composite creature with hooded woman’s head.

Left Supporter - A hawker with a gauntlet.

Right Supporter - Hawk and prey.


King with richly caparisoned horse and a page.

Supporters - Sphinx, bust of a man with a flat cap and bushy hair.


Sow suckling five piglets.

Supporters - Large round double flower.


Lion and dragon fighting.

Left Supporter - Seated lion.

Right Supporter - Dragon rampant


Swineherd striking down acorns from a tree; two pigs underneath. October.

Supporters - Large oak-leaf design.


Two men, each holding a long roll of parchment apparently disputing.

Supporters - Fowl having bald bearded man’s head.


Samson holding a lion and holding its jaws with both hands.

Supporters - An intricate large circular design of leaves.


The Judgement of Solomon. The King with the Queen, is sitting under a canopy. On thee King’s left, forming the supporter is an officer of state with a sword about to divide a living child carried by a woman. On the other side is a woman with a dead child wrapped in burial clothes.


Moses and a companion with the Tables of Law. A devil stands between them on a pedestal. The Brazen Serpent.

Supporters - Serpent with calf-like head, entwined.


Abraham offering up Isaac. The hand of an angel is grasping the point of Abraham’s sword. A ram stands behind Abraham

on his left.

Supporters - Man’s bust with flat cap on his head and a mass of hair sticking out horizontally. He wears an embroidered tunic.


The Expulsion from Paradise. Adam and Eve, who are retiring before an angel, with a drawn sword, are putting on fig leaves.

Supporters - Dove, facing inward.


The Temptation in Eden. The serpent having the body of a dragon and the head of a beast with long ears, is wound round

a tree. Adam and Eve stand on either side holding fruit.

Supporters - A pair of eagles back to back.


Crowned man seated, with birds on either side, probably representing Alexander’s flight. 19th century.

Supporters - Eagle with rear part of a lion.


Old man stirring a pot over a fire and seated in a semi-circular armchair with three legs. There is a chimney, which

indicates that he is well to do. The man has taken off his boots and is warming his feet. He wears two fingered gloves.


Left Supporter - Dog or cat warming itself.

Right Supporter - Two hanging flitches of bacon.


Man wearing a cap and playing an instrument like a pipe.

Supporters - Circular cluster of five roses.


Crowned lion.

Supporters - Man’s face, smiling.


Angel playing a viol beneath a canopy.

Supporters - Curly-headed mask in embroidered collar.


Man wearing a cap with a hood drawn over his ears, and a cloak and sword, and bearing in each hand a large branch of foliage.


Supporters - Crested fowl with prominent eyes, facing inward.


Butcher killing an ox. He wears sharp pointed shoes. November.

Supporters - Double rose.


The Circumcision of Isaac.

Supporters - Fowl, having bald, bearded man’s head.



Supporters - Large lion-mask.


The Presentation of Samuel.

Supporters - Circular leaf design.


Woman wearing a hood and cape with loose sleeves, sitting on a bench and writing in a book at a desk. A large bird is on

the floor with a bottle in its beak from which the woman is taking something in her left hand. A smaller bird is being seized

by a serpent whose head protrudes from the woman’s sleeve. This carving resembles early manuscript drawings of Diacletia.

Left Supporter - a boy picking fruit.

Right Supporter - A hunter carrying a rabbit on a pole.


Man sowing seed, a bag strapped to his shoulders. On the ground on each side of him is a basket. The toes of his shoes

are pointed


Supporters - Woodcock.


Jousting scene. One knight has unhorsed another who has broken his spear, whose foot with a sharp pointed spur is out of

his stirrup, and whose horse is now on its haunches. Both knights are fully armed. One squire [left] who appears horrified

is falling backwards, and another [right] is blowing a serpentine horn.


Playing a lute or lyre.

Supporters - Curly-headed mask in embroidered collar.


Huntsman sounding horn wound around him.

Supporters - Double headed eagle.


Knight, with helmet, shield and drawn sword, fighting two griffins. The shield bears a bear sejeant which may refer to Urso

d’Abitot or the earls of Warwick.

Supporters - Curly-headed mask.


Three men reaping corn with sickles. August.

Supporters - Triple sheaves.


Three men harvesting, wearing the usual flat cap and having bushy wings of hair. July.

Left Supporter - A sphinx playing a dulcimer.

Right Supporter - A sphinx playing a viol.


Three men mowing with scythes. June.

Left Supporter - An ape riding a hound wearing a collar.

Right Supporter - A wolf in a clerical cloak preaching or saying grace over the head of a sheep on an altar table.


Abraham, with sword and altar lamp, followed by Isaac, robed and carrying crossed bundles of wood or faggots on his

shoulders to the place of sacrifice.

Supporters - Lion with bearded man’s head and cap with long plume.


Two wyverns in mortal combat. 19th century.

Supporters - Wyverns couchant.

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