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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

Corpus of the misericords at All Hallows, Wellingborough

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All Hallows’ photo page


A fox running away with a goose. A branch of a tree on the right.

Supporters - Ball of foliage.


Mermaid, her tail to the left and her arms upheld. In her right hand she holds a comb and in her left a mirror. The sea is

represented on her

right side.

Supporters - Fish.


Woodcarver at work wearing a hood, a jerkin with sleeves puffed out at the shoulders, hose and pointed boots, and carving

the boss of a rose on a piece of wood resting on his knees. On either side, mallet, chisels and gouges.

Supporters - Foliage.


Man and woman standing on either side of a table. The man is wearing a jerkin loosely laced in front, hose and boots. He

scratches his head with his left hand [his right hand is broken off] The woman holds a jug in one hand and a cup in the

other. Behind hem is foliage.

Supporters - Rose


Eagle perched on a branch, wings extended.

Supporters - Small eagle.


Two lions advancing from either side, heads close together. Behind each lion is a smaller one.

Supporters - Small lion gardant passant.

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Wellingborough, All Hallows