´╗┐ A Brief Biography of Temple Lushington Moore




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A brief biography of Temple Lushington Moore

Personal life

He was the son of Captain George Frederick Moore (1818-84) and Charlotte Reilly (1826-1922).

He married Emma Wilton, daughter of Richard Wilton of Londesborough.


Temple Moore was articled to George Gilbert Scott, Jr. from 1875 to 1878 and stayed with him as assistant. By 1890 he had established his own practice and continued working until his death in 1920. In 1919 he went into partnership with Leslie Moore and the practice took the name Temple Moore and Moore.

The only known house he designed was that of Holmwood, Redditch House, Plymouth Road near Redditch for a relative, Canon Horace Newton, (not to be confused with Holmwood House in Glasgow). The house features stunning classical interiors and is currently owned by the Redditch Development Corporation, having previously been sold by the Newtons to the Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes, a charitable organisation.

There is an unproven rumour that he may have had a hand in the design of Glencripesdale Castle on the Glencripesdale Estate

Principal works

    * Holmwood, Redditch House, Plymouth Road, Redditch - built for Canon Horace Newton, of Barrells Hall and Glencripesdale Estate

    * 1892 Church of The Good Shepherd, Lake Isle of Wight.

    * 1894 St. Mark's Church, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

    * 1893 - 98 Sledmere Church, East Yorkshire. Major rebuild.

    * 1896 - 99 'Eleanor Cross', Sledmere, East Yorkshire

    * 1897 - 1901 St. Cuthbert, Middlesbrough

    * 1900 - 03 St. Columba, Middlesbrough

    * 1904 - 08 St. Wilfrid's Church, Harrogate

    * 1906 - 08 St. Margaret of Antioch, Leeds

    * 1912 - 15 St. Mary's Church, Nottingham new south chapel

    * 1914 - 16 St. Augustine's church, Gillingham.