Corpus of misericords at Barcelona Cathedral


medieval misericords misericord misericorde misericordes Miserere Misereres choir stalls
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mittelalterlichen Miserikordie Chorgestühl.  středověké miserikordie. miséricordes médiéval.  middeleeuwse misericords.  Misericordia misericordias.  Misericordia medievale

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Marital Combat.

Left Supporter - man watches.

Right Supporter - woman watches.


Horse leaves stable/

Left Supporter - Groom in belted tunic stands with lance.

Right Supporter - Nobleman holds cup and stein.


Pelican and young.

Left Supporter - Animal lies with head facing away from scene.

Right Supporter - Animal [head missing] lies with head facing away from scene.


Couple talk.

Supporters - A prophet stands and gestures.


Hermit and dog.

Supporters - Seated prophet reads Bible.


Woman tying the devil to a cushion.

 Left Supporter -  Robed man stands holding chalice.

Right Supporter - Robed man stands holding knife.


Bicorporal Monster.

Left Supporter - Devil [head restored] with second head in its belly pulls end of chain through devil’s mouth.

Right Supporter - Devil, with second head in its belly pulls end of chain through devil’s mouth.


Women dancing.

Left Supporter - Woman [head reconstructed] holds up her skirt and kicks.

Right Supporter - Man in fancy tunic sits and holds one leg horizontal with both hands, possibly kicking or donning stockings.


Tied monsters.

Supporters - women with trailing gowns hold ends of chain attached to ring.


Stylized leaves and man battling snail.

Left Supporter - snail with shell on its back.

Right Supporter - Nude man with shield and spear emerges from shell.


Lion mask.

Supporters - Dog holds axe in both paws and looks back towards the lion.


Foliage and two snails.

Supporters - eagles with prey in talons look threateningly at each other.


Spools of thread rest behind a basket with foliage at sides.

Left Supporter - Squirrel holds spool of wool.

Right Supporter - Ape cards wool.


Shepherd holds a stick and sits between two trees.

Left Supporter - large curly wooly ram [head restored].

Right Supporter -  large curly wooly ram.


Daniel in the den of lions.

Left Supporter -  Lion holds bone between his paws.

Right Supporter - Lioness eats a bone.


Crowned animals.

Supporters - cock fight.


Hermit with lions. Seated old man reads book. Two lions are visible behind him.

Left Supporter - Old nude man stands with walking stick, pouch slung over his shoulder.

Right Supporter - Old man walks with stick.


Animals confronting each other in a forest.

Supporters - seated griffins, wings up, head turned, tail raised.


Two mice grasp object [possibly cheese] between them.

Supporters - large cats, heads down, sniff towards mice who are unaware of their presence.


Cranes. Two birds, wings taut and extended stand wing to wing.

Supporters - parrots stand on rock, backs to centre.


Hybrids dancing or playing.

Left Supporter - hairy male hybrid plays a curved horn, a tromp.

Right Supporter - smooth female hybrid, upper torso clothed, hands on belt, possibly dancing.


Portraits of two women with long curly hair.

Left Supporter - woman extends arm to dog, perhaps training it.

Right Supporter - man in elegant tunic with sword at belt [head restored] extends stick to dog’s head.


Ape warriors.

Left Supporter - Ape [head restored] cuddles swaddled young.

Right Supporter - Ape cuddles swaddled young.


Men fishing.

Left Supporter - woman with dog on her lap.

Right Supporter - Man[ head restored] sits in relaxed position.


Labours of Hercules. Hercules stands behind a tree and holds branches with both hands.

Left Supporter - Nude sits on stag of Kerunia and holds its horns.

Right Supporter - Nude sits on lion of Nemea, and places one arm around lion’s head.


Eagles stand wing to wing.

Supporters - eagles whose tails touch stand on twigs and look back at each other.


Animal mask.

Left Supporter - hybrid, with bearded human face under a cap, tail twined under the mask.

Right Supporter - hybrid, hairy monster with open mouth, twines its tail with hybrid at left.


Two hybrid musicians play lute and fiddle.

Left Supporter - Woman harpy holds mirror [restored]

Right Supporter - Woman hybrid holds a mirror.


Ass-eared bearded head with moustache has turban tied like ears.

Left Supporter - nude woman in profile pulls at man’s moustache.  

Right Supporter - ¾ view of seated woman pulls at man’s moustache.


Feeding acorns to pigs- November.

Left Supporter - man, kneeling on one knee, head restored looks up at a tree as he aims a long stick to shake down acorns.

Right Supporter - Pig, larger than the tree, snout towards it, awaits his acorns.


Five Apes dancing.

Left Supporter - Seated ape wears fools cape and tasselled cap while he plays a shawm.

Right Supporter - Seated nude ape, tail between legs, plays bagpipes.


Two Prophets, back to back extend scrolls across their bodies.

Left Supporter - woman [head restored] as symbol of “church” holds open book in one hand and points to it with the other.

Right Supporter - Woman as symbol of synagogue, wears a belted garment, possibly with a Jewish roundel, and holds tablets of the Law She points to the tablets with her other hand Her head with blindfold is totally restored.


Shepherd drinking from a small cask.

Left Supporter - two goats.

Right Supporter - fox.


Lion breathes life into two cubs.

Left Supporter -  monster with two taloned paws and human head, crowned, snake body with hair in front.

Right Supporter -  monster with two taloned paws and human head, winged creature wears a cap.


Man in tower. A chain around his neck is attached to one of the five animals in the tower.

Left Supporter - Prophet holds basket in right hand and point to his chest with left hand.

Right Supporter - Angel points to centre scene.


Two animals [possibly dogs]. One scratches its chin with its foot. Between and above is a monster mask grinning like a

Cheshire cat.

Supporters - Monsters.


Dog nursing two pups.

Left Supporter - Harvester waving flail rides an animal probably to represent August or September.

Right Supporter - Mounted on a horse, a harvester waves a rake.


Two monks clutch each other by the wrists. Two men reclining at their sides try to pull them apart by their hoods.

Left Supporter - Man [head restored] holds sword between his legs.

Right Supporter - man with curly hair has one hand at his waist.


Couple pulling mask.

Left Supporter - Woman leans back and supports herself with one arm on the ground. A mask covers the lower part of

her face.

Right Supporter - A man pulls his side of the mask’s mouth. His other hand holds a knife.


Two nudes fight with clubs in flowers.

Left Supporter - large figure plays a portable organ, while a figure peeks out under its skirt and hits a ball with a club.

Right Supporter - hybrid holds one hand out and one up while it stands on a second set of hands.


Killing the pig. Two men hold implements for slaughtering the pigs; an axe to kill and a pan to collect the blood.

Left Supporter - Man, with one leg over the pig’s back and one hand on its mouth, slits the pig’s throat.

Right Supporter - Man catches the pig by its rear feet, facing the central figure with an axe. This is typical of the Labours of the month for December.


Burning a Martyr Crowned woman holding an arrow in each hand is engulfed by flames.

Left Supporter - Well-dressed man fans the flames with bellows.

Right Supporter - Woman[head restored] fans the flames with bellows.


Two nudes fight in a flower. One puts a finger in the other’s eye. Second puts his hand on the opponents elbow.

Left Supporter - Nude sits on flower.

Right Supporter - Nude is partly inside the flower.


Two apes hold each other by  the shoulder, their faces turned to their young Each young holds onto its mothers’ shoulder with

one hand and to a chain around her waist with the other.

Supporters - large seated nude putto at each side holds the end of a rope tied to a belt around each mother ape, ready to strike with a whip.


Wildmen with clubs face away from the central scene. Their clubs are raised poised to strike the figures at the sides.

Left Supporter - large wildman with face on his shield, and raised club walks towards the centre.

Right Supporter - large wildman with face on his shield, and raised club walks towards the centre. This figure is totally restored except for one shoe and a few outlines.


Two women warriors. One holds an object {candle} the other, [arm missing] possibly also held a candle.

Left Supporter - large seated woman, axe at her side and helmet on her lap.

Right Supporter - Large woman half-sits and holds a large banner at her side and an oversized spade on her knee.


Two monks hear Confession.

Supporters -  monk hears Confession from figure who kneels before them.


Two tonsured monks kneel back to back, incline heads and pray.

Supporters - rear view of kneeling tonsured monks with cowl draped down their backs.


Two small swans in woven basket.

Supporters - large swans swim away from the basket.


Leaves grow from tiny demon head.

Left Supporter - Front view of female musician playing a psaltery.

Right Supporter - rear view of seated person [head restored]


Two women fight hybrid supporters.

Left Supporter - Hybrid with rooster hindquarters holds a round shield and brandishes a scimitar.

Right Supporter - Hybrid with quadruped rump and tail and bird feet wears a helmet and holds a stick.


Woman in crown.

Left Supporter - woman holding stick in one hand and lion’s paw in the other, trains or subdues a seated lion.

Right Supporter - Woman holding a wand over a lion trains or subdues the reclining lion.


Two men in the woods play shawms.

Left Supporter - musician plays kettledrums.

Right Supporter - musician plays shawm.


Eagle with wings spread stands on a rope.

Left Supporter - nude holds the rope and looks up.

Right Supporter - nude holds the rope and falls down.


Two gamblers are playing a game, and appear to be arguing.

Left Supporter - figure lying with head down hold a knife.

Right Supporter - figure pushes a pallet.


Porters . two men have loaded baskets strapped to their backs.

Left Supporter - man balances a chest on his back or head.

Right Supporter - man carries a large bundle on his back.


Two cardinals hold a hat between them.

Left Supporter - a hat on the ground next to a kneeling cardinal.

Right Supporter - hat up on wall behind a tonsured cardinal.


Hockey players.

Supporters - men with golf-sticks play a game like croquet.


Hybrid musicians.

Left Supporter - Hybrid musician with fiddle and bow.

Right Supporter - Hybrid musician with a lute.


Lapidation of three women.

Left Supporter - old bearded man is ready to cast a stone.

Right Supporter - Old man [arm restored] looks up. He may have thrown a stone.


Mother and child.

Supporters -  head in foliage.



Supporters - nude musicians sit on cushions. The man holds a lute, the woman holds a mirror?

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